Applying for Australian tourist visa is no more a tough ask. You can apply it now online to get an e-visa through Visitor Visa Subclass 600 tourist stream. That gives you ease and facility to apply it on your computer sitting at home. For this e-visa, you can do it all online by filling in application form, uploading supporting documents, and paying the processing fees.

⇒Through subclass 600, you can also apply a visa to visit family, friends or do a cruise trip.

The Key Features of E-Visa (subclass 600) for Tourism

    • Your visa is linked digitally with your passport, no visa label (sticker) is pasted on the passport.
    • You get this e-visa in AUD 140 (approx. USD 90)
    • Processing time is 28 days for 90% applications
    • You can stay there for up to 12 months
    • You can study or train on this visa for up to 3 months
    • You are not allowed to work
    • You can be granted a visa letter for single (this allows only one time entry into Australia) or multiple entries (you can exit and re-enter into Australia).
    • Normally, the visa validity is for three months. In some cases, it could also be granted for up to 12 months (in this case, you can only stay in Australia for 12 months in the time of 18 months). You can apply for a new visa if your visa does not have a condition that prevents further stay, such as condition 8503. You might be able to request a waiver of the no further stay condition in special situations.
  • If you wish to apply with family, each applicant should apply separately for the visa.
  • You can fast track your visa processing timing by paying AUD 1000 if you are from UAE, India, or China.

Eligibility for Visa Application

In order to get this e-visa successfully, you need to meet different eligibility requirements to satisfy the entry clearance officer such as:

    • You have enough money to support yourself for the intended stay. This usually includes money available for return ticket, accommodation expenses, money needed for other mandatory expenses in Australia for example touring cities and food etc. There is no set aside amount for you to show,  but depending on your situation, intended stay and nationality, you may need to show at least an amount equivalent to USD 5000 if you come from most of Asian, African and Arabic countries and USD 1500 to USD 2000 for rest of the world.
    • You must show that you are a genuine visitor and will be in Australia for a temporary time period.
  • Health insurance is not mandatory for short visa duration. But in some cases, you may need to buy a health insurance even if you apply for a tourist visa for covering the medical and accident cases in Australia. Further details can be found here. 
  • In most cases, visa application is rejected, if the applicant is under 18 and intend to travelling alone for tourism.
  • The one applying for a tourist visa of less than 6 months, may be exempt from showing a health examination certificate such as chest x-ray. For those who intend to stay more than 6 months, must undergo certain health requirement checks. Details are here.
  • You must show that you will come back to your country of origin after completing your intended stay.
  • You must sign the declaration in visa application that you would abide by all rules as a tourist in Australia.
  • Australian is government is strict on character requirements. You may need to show that you have good character to be in Australia even if you apply for a short-term visa. Best practice is to get the Police character certificate from the country you have been living for the last 12 months (if you straight away apply for a 12 months of visa duration).

How to Apply for E-Visa (subclass 600) Tourist Stream?

You have to sign up for an account on ImmiAccount. You will be able to upload the required documents such as identity and financial. Documents uploading is possible through all formats except encrypted pdf.

Identity documents uploading size limit is 500KB whereas 5MB for other documents. You can save your application if you are not ready to complete in one take. You can share and copy it with other applicants such as family members who also want to apply with you.

You can pay the visa application fees too by using a visa or master card. For some countries, PayPal payments are also accepted. You may need to pay additional charges if you are to give your bio metrics to a visa application center (such as in Pakistan PKR 5,730).

Required Documents for Visa Application

In order to satisfy the visitor visa requirements, you should include the following in your visa application:

Identity Documents

  • Original passport
  • Recent photograph
  • National identity card (if have one)

Family Documents

  • If married, marriage registration certificate
  • Family registration certificate
  • If accompanied by children, their birth certificates

Asset Documents (if have any)

  • Evidence of shares or investments
  • Land ownership documents
  • Property proofs

Personal Circumstances

  • If you are employed, salary slips of last 3 months. Valid work contract (if you do not have one, a confirmation letter from employer that you work with him and details of salary and work timings). Do not forget to include a letter from employer confirming your leave.
  • If you are self-employed, evidence of company or business registration. Contact details and tax registration certificates (tax returns too) etc.
  • If you are a student, proof of university or college enrollment and a confirmation letter from institution.

Travel Arrangements

  • Proof of travel arrangements with a complete travel plan
  • proof travel itinerary (return ticket booking etc.)
  • Accommodation proofs of your whole stay in Australia (hotel booking or a confirmation letter or accommodation proof from the person you are going to live with)

Funds and Financial Circumstance

You must show the finances or funds arrangements for your travel to Australia by one of the following:

  • Personal Fundings (most recommended): Showing that you have money in your personal bank account is mandatory. This could be done by presenting a bank account maintenance letter, bank statement of last three months.
  • Sponsored by someone from Australia: The person must provide a signed letter confirming the visit and financing details including their personal name, contact details, relation with you and why they are funding you for the trip, intended amount and time of stay. Along this, they must also send you a personal bank statement and salary slips of last 3 months. If they are self-employed, then their business details and proofs etc. should also be provided. *Same requirements are if you are ‘Funded by third person outside Australia’.

For 18 Travelers

If you are under 18 and travelling with one parent, you must provide a statutory declaration from the non-traveling parent/s must be provided or Form 1229 Consent form to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years from the non-traveling parent/s or guardian must be provided. Evidence of documents demonstrating child and parent is also mandatory to provide.

*Polio vaccination is a must, you come from certain countries such as Pakistan.

You can apply for the visa here online.


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