How to apply for Canada Visit Visa? Canada’s visit visa is now in your hands. Yes, this is true! After reading here all information, you will be able to learn about all techniques, tricks, requirements, and procedure to not only apply for Canadian visit/tourist visa but also be able to get it successfully.

Canada is a destination for thousands of visitors from across the globe. The Canadian government has always tried to make it easy for the visa applicants to apply it either online or on paper.

Here are all details to follow those 20.8 million people.


Personal documents

  • Personal passport with more than 6 months of expiry duration
  • Visa application form (make sure which version to choose either online or on paper) Click here to download visa form
  • Four passports sized photographs
  • Family details if married and have children

Trip documents

  • Cover letter mentioning your full details of the planned trip
  • Accommodation proof for an intended stay in Canada
  • Return ticket reservation proof
  • Any reservations that you have made for your other visits during your stay in Canada

Financial documents

    • Complete details of your personal or sponsored financial status
    • Job confirmation letter in case you work full or part-time
    • Salary slips of last six months (optional but extremely important)
    • Bank bank statements
    • Any traveler’s cheques or bonds
    • Holidays approval letter from your employer
    • Income tax returns of previous years (options but important)
    • Business details if you are self-employed
    • Business registration certificate
    • Details of tax your company or business entity pays
    • National tax number
    • Any agreement details if the business is divided into partners
    • Visiting card with details of business email and contact numbers
  • In case you get the visa, who will bear your responsibilities in your absence
  • Business and personal bank statements
  • Other income sources

Ties documents

  • You must present proper documents that show that you have ties with your country of origin
  • For married people, marriage registration certificate and children’s birth certificates
  • For single people, any property proofs, job or studies bonding in Pakistan


It is up to you that which visa application method you choose for submitting your documents to the Canadian embassy or mission in your country of origin. Currently, there are two ways you can apply for a temporary resident visa (visit/tourist visa):

1- Paper-based application

This is not that hard to understand that paper-based visa application simply means that you apply for a visa by first downloading and filling in the visa application form and then submitting it in the embassy. These steps will help you to understand the process better:

Step 1. Download the visa application form here . Fill it in with your laptop or computer. Print the form with its bar-code pages on a white clean and good quality paper (ideally on A4/100gm). Sign the visa form and place the bar-code page on the top.

Step.2 Gather all above-mentioned documents. Be sure to follow the instructions mentioned above in case you are self-employed or employed. You may have to bring an extra photocopy of all of your attached documents for the embassy. All documents must be original.

Step 3. All hotel and return air ticket bookings must be reservations and the embassy never says that you have to apply for them. It’s your own onus to choose right and authenticated types of services for you.

Step 4. From 01.11.2018, it has been mandatory for Pakistani nationals to submit their bio-metrics at the time of visa application.  Since July 31, 2018 – applicants from Europe, Middle East and Africa and starting from December 31, 2018 – applicants from Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Americas will also have to give their bio-metrics (fingerprints and bio-metric photos). So you will have to get an appointment first for submitting your bio-metric at the visa application centers. Check here if you also need to give bio-metrics

Step 5. Once gathered all these documents, you can visit the visa application center in your country of origin for submitting the visit visa application for Canada. Here is a list of all Canadian embassies, consulates and high commissions all over the world.

Step 6. Pay the visa application fees ate the visa application center. Currently, the visa application fees is C$100. It also changes with the passage of time. So always check here the latest rates.

Important note: In case you face difficulty in filling in the visa application form, you can get help the designated visa application centers where you are going to submit your visa application can help you fill those in by charging you hourly fees. Please do let them know in advance that you need this service from them. Visa application centers such as VFS Global charge extra amount for their services. Be sure to carry enough local currency for availing these all services.

2- E-application/Online application

This simply means, you sit back home, apply online at the Canada IRCC website, pay the fees online, upload the documents and then get the decision of approval or visa rejection. Step by step information is here:

Step 1. Fill in the online visa application form. But first, you will have to create an account online for proceeding forward. Click here to access the online visa application portal. Fill in your all details and upload the required documents.

Step 2. Once your application has been submitted online, it shows inside 5 days in your online account that you have created for this purpose. If it does not show, contact the relevant authority for online errors. After submitting the online application, you will receive a biometric instruction letter (BIL). You will have to get an appointment first for submitting your biometrics first and then on the given day, reach there to submit your biometrics. Do not forget to take with you your passport and BIL.

Step 3. After having your biometrics submitted, you will wait for the further process. Once your application has been dome processing, you will receive an email and a letter to confirm that you can submit your passport to get the visa stamped on it. If you are not sure of having emails received by IRCC, regularly check out your MyCIC (your online account) for any emails or notifications. After receiving this letter, you can visit the embassy or visa application center with original passport and the letter you have received.



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